Sophie Gainsley - Illustration & Design


This exhibition was on show in a curious little North London coffee shop whose reputation extends far across the capital. The Haberdashery has won awards for its quirky, miss-matched, vintage aesthetic and amazing food, coffee and most importantly the best hot chocolate you can find in London. It hosts an array of fun filled nights full of live music, great food and warm community spirit. A lovely place to pass some time.
This project is based on one rainy day I visited The Barbican Centre.

I became concerned with different scales of space. I mapped the journey of a typical raindrop which fell to the ground where I was standing on scientific slides. Meanwhile, I researched the atomic and sub-atomic scales within the raindrop itself.
I ended asking the question - If matter is mostly empty space, what is the difference between matter and space?
Illustration Fashion Project in collaboration with fashion photographer Leoni Blue. Featured in the fashion, art & music e-magazine Noctis

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' is...disarmed by the gift to live so entirely in the treasure with eager care the light that plays on every passing moment.' - Hermann Hesse 'Steppenwolf'
Inspired by this quote I realised that this idea could be explored through photography. I abstracted photographs I took to remove traces of detail which linked them with the real world, turning them into classic Film Noire style images. This way they are detached from 'real time' and become 'timeless'. I experimented with fragile materials. When I printed the image on fragile silk, a material which shows the consequence of time, the fabric and image are in conflict. One is subject to time while the other rejects it.
A discussion concerned with deconstructing space, examined through scientific research and various artistsí visual exploration.
Concept for a residential project based in the East End of London, Sclater Street off Brick Lane.