Sophie Gainsley illustration & design


For the first time in the history of our planet, life in the form of humans have a decisive choice to make; we can either continue to alter the chemistry of our thin, fragile atmosphere and the world's ecosystems at our peril, or, we can rise to the challenge of climate change and alter our ways. We have the intelligence, creativity and tools to generate clean energy, re-establish symbiotic relationships and cherish all other life forms on Earth. the choice is ours to make.
Published works new & old, (books and online).
’Finders Keepers’ is a selection of poems by Harry Man examining Britain’s vanishing wildlife with illustrations by Sophie Gainsley.

These poems will be hung and geocached in public spaces across the country
to memorialise these lost voices and to celebrate some of the success stories of species brought back from the brink and the conservation of British woodlands, hedgerows, rivers and other wild habitats.

A pamphlet of poems from the project will be published by Sidekick Books in Autumn 2015
Human arrogance and pride has lead us to exploit and destroy much of the natural world. We often forget our humble oceanic origins and disregard our primate cousins, plundering and ravaging their habitats. Our greed for natural resources and the profit we reap from them leads us to clash with the creatures which call it home.

This study of our closest living relatives, the primates, is like a family photo album, showing individuals in their natural environments. This is my homage to those who are at threat and whose homes we have ruined.
Co-authored publication with Wayne Holloway-Smith, showcasing a selection of poetry from his poetry salon events. Published by Sidekick Books.
Everything in this exhibition is related to or refers to the end of this Ice Age - an event which we know as Global Warming. As polar ice caps melt they unlock 90% of the Earth’s water held in the ice sheets of the Antarctic and glaciers. As consequence, ocean levels heighten and the fragile eco systems which bind animal & plant to their environment, will be forced to adapt to a new world.

We endeavor to celebrate the beauty of this changing land. Collaboration with artist Martha Webb and a selection of London's talented poets who submitted poems for this exhibition.
An installation for the poet Wayne Holloway-Smith for a Poetry Reading Night
A few of my ink drawings, paintings, collages & commissions both new & old.

Live collaboration project with the National Theatre.
Within a group or four, we designed an installation piece for a youth performance to highlight the issue of Global Warming.

I chose to study the formation of ice crystals which developed into a rising and falling crystal structure (mimicking the rising of sea level) which would rise during the performance to allow actors more freedom, but fall again as the lights fade on the stage.
This book explores an action which lasts for a fraction of a second 16 times an hour. The blink of an eye may be brief, but each time we open our eyes, light burns an image on to our retina only to fade once we close them. The traces of the images can be seen when we close our eyes to see an animation of light despite the darkness. As analysis delves deeper & deeper into their subject matter to discover more, so to this book attempts to illustrate this transient moment in microcosm, questioning what happens to an image once it fades.
This exhibition was on show in a curious little North London coffee shop whose reputation extends far across the capital. The Haberdashery has won awards for its quirky, miss-matched, vintage aesthetic and amazing food, coffee and most importantly the best hot chocolate you can find in London. It hosts an array of fun filled nights full of live music, great food and warm community spirit. A lovely place to pass some time.